Multitude Monday 1000 gifts Birthday and Mothers Day edition

This has been such a fun week that I have spent with my family. I celebrated my birthday in the middle of last week, and I had a lovely Mother’s day weekend. I am so blessed with friends and family who really spoiled me this week.

We ordered homeschool workbooks for next year. Is it totally nerdy that I as a homeschool Mom get excited about new workbooks? My kids roll their eyes at me about this.

We enjoyed a fun pizza party with yummy German Chocolate cake for my birthday. My kids enjoyed playing volleyball and catch with balloons that evening also.

I was spoiled with wonderful birthday gifts including birthday roses from my husband. Thank you so much honey!

My mother and father in-love visited us for an early Mother’s day celebration on Saturday. We ate yummy Chinese food,  and my kids loved playing with their grandma and grandpa.

The worship service on Sunday morning was beautiful. They had a pass the mic time during the service and my oldest daughter said that she loved me because I was sweet to her. My youngest daughter said, “I love mommy because I love mommy.” My son gave me big Mother’s day hugs and told me Happy Mothers day!

My youngest Cuddle Bug made me a picture frame for Mothers day, and my two oldest Princess and Little Man made me a hand painted flower pot with paper flowers and an artificial flower arrangement in Sunday school.

We enjoyed our favorite pizza, subs, and salad at Princess’ favorite restaurant in honor of Mothers day.

I enjoyed playing outside with my children, playing board games with them, and finishing the evening with a game of Mario Party with their Daddy on Mothers day nigh

The song that I am including below was sung at church on Mothers Day.

What are you thankful for this week?









One thought on “Multitude Monday 1000 gifts Birthday and Mothers Day edition

  1. Jodi says:

    Sounds like a fabulous week! Time with family and those spontaneous comments from our children are so precious. Thanks for linking up with Thankful Thursday this week.


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