1,000 gifts

I am happy to be counting gifts in this place again. This practice is so important to me. I find that counting gift helps me to be more joyful and more fully present in my days. Here  are some of the things that I am thankful  for this week.

I love  playing at the splash park with my children.

I enjoyed a yummy lunch with my family Sunday after church and ran into a lovely couple from church at the restaurant.

My hubby insisting I relax on a float while he kept the kids from splashing me in the pool.

My kids being excited about learning about sea stars. The Sun stars with a bunch of arms is my daughter favorite.

I love my friends who go out of their way to encourage me.

My Cuddle Bug being so proud of herself for serving herself lunch like a big girl.

I love listening to my Princess make up games to play in the swimming pool.

My Princess talking with my Little Man telling him that they will be best friends forever, and that they will visit each other at each others houses when they grow up.

What are you thankful for this week?




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