Tuesday at 10 Love A tribute to Linus

Today, I want to tell the story of a very special cat, my Linus. My husband discovered him at the local animal shelter nearly two years ago. He was playful and caught my husband’s attention. Later that weekend, we noticed that his picture was in the newspaper. (The animal shelter had run a full page ad, showing pictures of some of the cats who had been at the shelter the longest.) After seeing his picture, I told my husband that I agreed that we should adopt Linus. We picked him up a few days later.

When my husband let him out of the cat carrier on the Saturday that we brought him home. Linus walked up to me, and when I petted proceeded to crawl in my lap giving me appreciative kitty head rubs and kisses. He then followed me around, a habit that he soon developed with the whole family. Linus wanted to be near the rest of his family. So he would always go where the action was and lay down close to us and watch whatever activity was occurring. My children included him in their play, and he enjoyed being included and liked being the center of their attention.

Linus was  a very loving cat. From the moment that we opened the cat carrier when we brought him home he loved our family. He has a special place in each of our hearts. We miss his love and companionship as we had to say goodbye to him this weekend.  We are thankful for Linus’ love, and we are blessed that he was a part of our family.

This  weeks Tuesday at 10 Prompt word is love. To see what Tuesday at 10 is all about hop over to findingthegracewithin.com.





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