Five Minute Friday Path

Psalm 119:105 | Jesus Lover of my Soul | Pinterest

        The verse above promises that God’s word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path. If I know this to be true, why do I spend so much time stumbling around trying to do things in my own strength without reading my Bible or praying and asking God for guidance? I often joke with my daughter that in her rush to get her work done,she forgets to read the directions of her assignment or ask for help. Of course this causes her to at times to have to do the assignment over because she did not follow directions.  I often do the same thing, though. I charge ahead with what I think is the best way to solve a problem, but I have not paused to read my Bible, or prayed and asked God for wisdom to handle a situation.  Then I wonder why it feels like I am circling the same mountain over and over again. Maybe, that is because I did not learn the lesson the first time. I am so thankful for God’s never-ending, never-failing, all-consuming love, and that He is always with me on the path of life.

Five Minute Friday is a community that gathers to write on a prompt for five minutes. This week’s prompt was path. You can learn more about Five Minute Friday here.








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