Day 8 of 31 days of Scripture and Song Lead Me

Deuteronomy 11:19

Teach them to your children, talking about them while sitting in your house, walking on the road, or when you are about to lie down or get up.

I love writing scripture on post-it notes. It is so neat to be able to write a scripture down and to be able to place wherever I think I will be reminded of it often. I need to get the scripture in my brain, and meditate  on it. If I can meditate on it, then I will be able to share it with my children. I love that the Bible tells us how to teach our children about God. I want to share about God in the everyday moments of life.  I want to make it a normal, natural part of our daily life. The reason I chose the Sanctus Real song “Lead Me” with this scripture is the bridge of the song.

“So Father give me strength to be everything I’m called to be, and Father show me the way to lead them, as you lead me.”

I believe that my role as mother to my children is one of the most important  roles that I will have in my life, and I want to teach my children well. Total dependence on God is the only way that I can do my job as a wife and mother well. As  the last line of the song states, “Father Lead me, because I can’t do this alone. ”

This is Day 8 of 31 days of Scripture and Song. You can learn more about this challenge here









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