31 days of Scripture and Song First

Psalm 23:2

He makes me to lie down in green pastures: he leads me beside the still waters

I want to admit at the very start of this post that I am not very good at seeking God first. There is so much in my life that seems so pressing at the beginning of the day, that far too often I hit the ground running, and only realize later that I have not paused to pray or read my Bible. I do know how sweet it is to rise before my littles fix myself a cup of coffee and read my Bible and pray. I wish I could also say that prayer was the very first thing that I did when I was troubled about something. I am far too reactionary, but I have at times caught myself in the middle of having a bad reaction to circumstances, and remembered that I need to pray about it. I want seeking God first to become natural to me. I want to stop charging into situations without praying about them. I want to talk to God more about my problems, than I do to other people. After all He is the only one big enough to be able to carry all of my concerns.





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