Five Minute Friday Joy

I was telling my mom yesterday that I find it easy to forget the practice of joy. I get busy trying to get my tasks done, I want to keep progressing through the day, but I am joyfully completing the tasks or am I grumpy Mom? I don’t want my kids to have the memory of a perennially grumpy mom. I want to be joyful. I want to teach my children how to be joyful by living it out. I fall short a lot, and I think they do a much better job of teaching me how to be joyful, than I do to them. I think of the apostles. Paul and Silas had joy in prison, while chained to their seat. If they can find joy in those kind of circumstances, I know that it should be easy for me to find joy in my daily circumstances. I want to be on a joy hunt. Joy is contagious. I want to have a spirit of joy and pass it on.

This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt was joy. You should really check out Andrew’s guest post about joy over at Heading Home  this week. I am sure that it will bless you. You can learn more about Five Minute Friday here.

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