Five Minute Friday Now

My son has a favorite saying that I think he picked up from a cartoon, “Now not cow!” It is a bit of an inside joke between my kids and me. I know that if I say that phrase I will usually hear a chorus of giggles. I need to develop a better relationship with the word now. I sometimes (more often than I would like to admit) am frustrated about being interrupted when my children need something. “You need this now? I just sat down!” Anyone who has young children will know that I get interrupted frequently, and I need to handle these interruptions with more grace. I also need to remember to be more present with my children, and then I would not feel like I was being interrupted when they make a request. I need to remember the joy that my family brings me, and quit grumbling when I am asked to serve them. I am training myself out of job, and one day I will not be asked for a snack, or to button stubborn pants snaps, or to fasten shoes. I want to savor the “ice skating” across the tile in socks moments, and all of the ordinary moments of life as a mom of little ones.  Times up. 🙂

This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt was now.  You can learn more about Five Minute Friday here.


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday Now

  1. Marsha B. Hays says:

    Yes, interruptions with grace. That’s what I need “now” as well. Too soon all of those little things will be a “then.” Thanks for sharing!


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