Multitude Monday 1000 gifts the second Monday of January edition

I listened to a very thought provoking sermon at church on Sunday. It reminded me that the very things that I struggle with; that I wish were different; could be my own “Such a time as this.” to quote Esther 4. God knows my circumstances and struggles, He has purpose and plan for my life. I need to surrender to Him, let Him lead and work, and stop complaining. 🙂 To that end, I will share some of the many things that I have to be thankful for this week.

  • I love playing games with my kids. I have played Five Crowns with my children when it is Princess’ time to pick. While my younger two children enjoy play the My Little Pony game when it is their turn to select a game.


  • We had a yummy lunch at an Irish-themed restaurant, and it reminded me of a dear friend because I went to lunch with her and another friend at this restaurant last year.


  • A friend treated my kids to ice cream on Thursday. They loved it!


  • I had a nice long talk with my brother this weekend. He is pretty busy with school, so I enjoy our phone conversations.


  • I have friends who speak truth into my life.


  • My children loved playing on the playground after church, and I loved catching up with the other moms as we watched our kids play.


  • I had a great talk with my sister. I love that I can call her with specific questions, and she encourages me so much.


  • My kids loved playing in our first real snowfall of the year. My Princess especially loves snow.


  • I enjoyed seeing a friend while we were grocery shopping yesterday.


What are some of the things that you are thankful for this week?






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