Multitude Monday Martin Luther King Jr. day edition

I saw the below quote today, and I thought about what powerful statement this is. Doing what is right may not be easy, but I want to live my life remembering that I belong to God. I was bought with a price and I want to live a life of worship living out the truth’s of the gospel.  I want to live my life looking for the next right thing that I can do to serve others, and as an act of worship to my creator. Do you have a favorite Martin Luther King Jr. quote?

Now, on to the list of blessings that  I am thankful for this week.

I an enjoying reading new books that came in the mail this week. I love fun mail. One of them is really causing me to think about how I parent, and what kind of mom that I want to be.

We had a yummy lunch of pizza and pasta on Sunday.

I love singing For King and Country’s Priceless with my Cuddle Bug. It is one of her favorite songs.

I enjoyed spending the day at the church with my friend. Her son and a few of her grandkids were there, and my kids enjoyed playing with their friends.

My children loved being surprised with just because gifts from a friend. My girls were given rubber bands and hair clips. My Little Man was given matchbox cars.

I had a nice talk with my mother-in-love yesterday. I love our phone conversations.

My Princess has now started enjoying certain aspects of pet care. She likes feeding our cat Snuggles, and Snuggles enjoys that she doesn’t have to wait for me to feed her. 🙂

What are you thankful for this week?

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