Three Word Wednesday Love never ends

I am so thankful that in this chaotic ever-changing world that God’s love never ends. His love will never fail me. I can trust in it completely. I can rely on Him fully. I need to remind myself of God’s love for me daily, “preach the gospel to myself” as my Pastor likes to say. When I remind myself of God’s love for me, when I really immerse myself in God’s love I can share that love with others. I am also thankful for people who share love with my little ones and me in tangible ways. I am thankful for a visit with my in-laws, and that my father-in-law fixed my children’s closet door, and that my mother-in-law helped me organize my children’s clothes bedding and other random items that we found in the closet. I am thankful for friends who pray for and¬†encourage me. I am thankful that I can call my mom anytime, and she is never too busy to talk to me. I am so blessed by the way that others live out the love of God in their lives. “With every act of love, we are the Kingdom Come.” May the love of God take over me today, and may I live it out in every area of my life.


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