Five Minute Friday Breathe

“Every breath I take, I take in You. You make me breathe Jesus. Every breath I take I breathe in You.” I sang along with my daughter to one of her favorite worship songs. As I consider those words I wonder if I remember the truth that Jesus makes me breathe, would it be easier to take a step back and breathe when life gets crazy, or scary, or I feel overwhelmed? Would it be easier to slowly breathe in and exhale  before I reacted to whatever was causing me stress? Could I stop the feelings of stress before I allow my feelings to cloud my decision making process? Could I just breathe, and remember that that I am dearly loved by God? May I remember that being desperate for God’s mercy and grace is exactly the place where I need to be. I can breathe in His grace and breathe out praise. I am so thankful that God’s grace finds me, when I remember to stop and breathe.


I am joining with my friends over at Kate’s for Five Minute Friday. . Every Friday we take five minutes and write on the topic of the week. This week’s prompt was breathe.

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