Multitude Monday

I received some fun mail this week. My fun mail was my anniversary gift from my husband. We celebrated eleven years of marriage about a week ago.  I love fun mail!

My children had a fun play date with their friends, and I had a great time talking with other moms.

I am really enjoying studying Ephesians with the ladies in my church.

My Princess and I enjoyed baking a cake together.

I was reminded this week that the way we live our lives can be an act of worship a song of praise to God. One of my friend’s eulogized a faithful man in our church, saying that his life sang for God. It truly did! What a wonderful legacy this man left his family and friends.

My Cuddle Bug loves sand cats.

My Little Man likes to help me with the dishes.

Kara Tippet’s book Big Love really inspired me this week.

I love beautiful warm, sunny weather in February.

What are some things that you are thankful for this week?


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