At the Cross

Many times truths that I am reading in one section of the Bible gets intermixed in my mind with truth’s that I am reading in a different section of the Bible. This most commonly happens with my personal Bible study reading and reading the book of the Bible that I am studying with my friends at church.  I am reading through Luke with Good Morning Girls  , and I am studying Ephesians  with the Women’s Bible Study group at my church.  In Luke, this week I read about Holy week, the final days of Jesus’ life before the crucifixion. In Ephesians, this week I read about serving others, and the importance of serving others when God puts you in a position of authority. Jesus lived out the perfect example of servant leadership. He showed us how to love others when he washed the disciples stinky dirty feet. Do I serve my family well, or do I grumble about all the “washing feet” tasks that I do daily, for which I feel more appreciation is warranted? In my role as Mother, I know that I need to lead my children more with a spirit of love.  I far too often bark out orders with a spirit of we are going to get this stuff done, now. Instead of seeking to nurture and understand them. This brings me to the cross daily. May I never forget Jesus’ love and sacrifice for me, and may I remember that I am His. I want to live my life completely surrendered to Jesus.


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Kristin Hill Taylor - Porch Stories

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