Five Minute Friday More

If you were to ask me what I need more of, I might say time to get everything done, or more time to myself to read or write or relax, or I might even say more dark chocolate. But are any of those things really what I need? No, not really. What I really need is more of God. I need more wisdom from God, more of God’s grace, more peace, more abiding with Him. “I am the vine you are the branches.” John 15:5. All the other stuff that I mention at the beginning of the post  will satisfy me and refresh me for a little while, but only the Living Water can fully and completely refresh me. Lord, help me to remember that I really truly need you, and to stop chasing after trivial things hoping that they will fill me up. Only you can fill me up. I need more and more and more and more of you.

Every week I gather with my friends over at Five Minute Friday to free-write for Five minutes on the topic of the week. You can learn more about Five Minute Friday here.





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