Multitude Monday friends and Mothers Day edition

I have the most amazing friends! One of my friends emailed me on Thursday, and said that she was coming by. This was not out of the ordinary. So, I told her that my kiddos and I looked forward to her visit, and then continued my normal homeschool morning. Fifteen minutes before the time that we expected her to arrive, my Princess set herself in front of the window to await our friend’s arrival. I was in the Master bedroom when my Princess, yelled “She’s here, and so aren’t a bunch of other people”, and she started naming the friends that she recognized standing in our courtyard. I walked outside and was greeted by my friends and their children yelling “Happy Birthday!”  My birthday had been one week before, and they brought all the supplies needed for a birthday party, from sub sandwiches, chips, salad, and of course cake, to paper plates, napkins, and plastic cups. They even bought me wonderful gifts. I was really blessed by this belated surprise party given to me by my friends. Below, I would like to list some other things that I am thankful for this week.

My husband blessed me by giving me the day off and conquering our laundry mountain on Mothers Day. He gave me a day to rest, and spend time with him and the children. It was exactly what I needed.

I am thankful for my amazing children who made me a Mama. My artistic Princess, my imaginative Little Man, and my animal loving Cuddle Bug. My children are such a wonderful gift from God, and I am proud to be their Mama.

My husband also bought my k-cups as part of my mothers day gift. I love caramel cappuccinos.

Our church had a lovely service on Mothers day. My children also made adorable Mother’s day crafts in children’s church. I am so thankful for my church family.

We had pizza and salad on Friday night from our favorite pizza place.

I have been able to talk to my Mom, my Dad, Mom-in-law, my Granny, and my Bestie. Since seeing these people in person is not possible, talking to them on the phone is the next best thing.

The below song makes me think of my wonderful Mom! So, I thought I would share it with you.

What are you thankful for this week?










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