Five Minute Friday Visit

My parents visit with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins blessed me this week. My Mom’s older sister celebrated her birthday this week. (A birthday she shares with my Grandpa, who is now up in heaven. Many years ago she was His birthday present .) My parents visited with her to celebrate her birthday. My kiddos and I crashed the party by phone to wish her a happy birthday. It touched my heart, that she seemed genuinely pleased to talk to my children and me. Her love of people is one of the many reasons that I love my Aunt so much. I also talked to my cousin who as we joked around, we figured that we haven’t actually spoken on the phone in about 10 years, if not more. Of course we are friends on social media, but the only thing better than talking on the phone with my Aunt and cousin would have been to be there in person. I am thankful that my parents enjoyed their visit with my Aunt and Uncle, and I am happy that I got to have conversations with my Aunt and Cousin that I would not have had if it weren’t for my parent’s visit.


Linking up one last time over at Kate’s place for Five Minute Friday ( . Next week we will be at our very own new site especially designed for Five Minute Friday ( ). Each week, we gather to write on the topic of the week for jut five minutes. 



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