What I learned in Spring 2017

I am joining today with Emily Freeman’s blogging community as we answer the question, “What did I learn this spring?” This is a fun way to look back at the season of Spring, before moving on to embrace Summer. Here, are some of the things that I learned this Spring.

I learned how much I appreciate a quiet clothes dryer. Our old one which was loud and squeaky died. After it had been replaced with a quieter new model, my family kept on commenting on how quiet our new dryer was compared to our old one. Replacing the dryer is not a fun expense to have, but after many years of listening to the squeaky old machine, drying clothes in our new and much quieter machine is very much appreciated.

I also appreciate my husband’s industriousness that he set up a makeshift clothes line for me. So that I could continue to dry clothes while we waited for our dryer to be delivered

My family has also learned how much fun it is to go to a University of New Mexico Lobos baseball games. My kids love that we usually buy them popcorn and cokes half way through the game. This is a fun family activity that I hope we continue each baseball season.

I learned how much I enjoy breakfasts on Sunday morning. My husband has taken over making breakfast on Sunday mornings, which gives me more time to get ready for church. Last weekend, he made yummy waffles which the whole family enjoyed.

I read a post by the Humbled Homemaker (http://thehumbledhomemaker.com/) , and learned about a great app named Overdrive. This app allows you to check out e-books and audiobooks from your local library. All you need to use this app is your library card. My Princess has been picking an e-book each week to read, and I have checked out both audiobooks and e-books to read as well. We are really enjoying checking out books from the library without even leaving our house. You can check out the Humbled Homemakers post here.

Now that Summer is about to start, my son has been asking his Dad to grill some shish kabobs. He even wrote about it for one of his writing assignments in our homeschool. My hubby bought all the necessary ingredients last weekend, and we spent a fun afternoon having a cookout. The shish kabobs were very yummy, and our family enjoyed the first of what we hope are many Summer meals eating outside.

My family and I learned how fun it is to eat dinner in a movie theater. My family passed by a Flix Brewhouse on the way to an appointment, and stopped to check it out before we returned home. My husband and I agreed this is the best way to take our family to a movie. Eating dinner while watching a movie, kept my younger kids from getting restless during the movie, which they tend to do. I would definitely like to take my kids to another movie at Flix sometime.

What are some things that you have learned this spring?






4 thoughts on “What I learned in Spring 2017

  1. TJ says:

    I could see how a quiet dryer would be a great addition to a house. I was excited last year to get one that wasn’t eating my clothes. Overdrive is great. It helps keep me stocked in audiobooks for my walk. It sounds like your family has had a fun spring.

    Liked by 1 person

    • rosebudmama says:

      Yes, I love how appliances not behaving as they should cause you to appreciate properly functioning ones. Yes, my kids and I love it, especially since we don’t go to the library as often as we would like to. I hope you have a lovely day!


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