Five Minute Friday Support

I am and always have been a people person. Spendng time with a groupof friends or family refreshes and inspires me. If I don”t have the opporunity to interact with “my people” than I feel lonely and isolated. I am so thankful for the support of friends and family. My circle of family and friends encourage me so much. I hope that I can also be an encouragement and a supportive friend to the people in my life. Most of all I am thankful that on my loneliest days that the Bible promises that I will never walk alone. What a friend we have in Jesus.

This is my weekly contribution to the wonderful Five Minute Friday community. We gather each week to write for five minutes on the word of the week. The word this  week is support.


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday Support

  1. Tara says:

    Beautiful post! There is a song we sing at camp with the same title. The chorus goes “No one is an island. No one stands alone. ” I’m in the 6 spot this week.


    • rosebudmama says:

      I am reminded of a game of hide and seek where the seeker gathers the people hiding until they all stand together. This is what Jesus does for us by giving us each other. I hope you have a lovely weekend!


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