Day 6 Five Minute Friday Story

If I told you my story, I might tell you that I was born two months prematurely and that the fact that I am alive to tell my story is a miracle. I might tell you that I was raised by two loving parents who always put the need of their children first before their own. I might tell you that I have an older brother and sister, and am a proud Aunt of five nieces and nephews, which makes for a big crowd around my parents house on holidays, and I love it. As I am telling you my story, I may tell you that I married my college sweetheart, and that we have three fun, creative, and energetic children a dog and a cat. The most important thing that I could tell you about my story is about my friendship with Jesus. I could tell you that my relationship with Jesus began when I was a little girl.  A huge part of my story is knowing that the God loves me, and sent His Son to die for me. There have been times that I have wanted to do things my way, but God has always drawn me back to Him. God has shown His love for me in such tangible ways, that I want to live my life showing others God’s love, and telling them about Jesus. This is my story. Thank you for stopping by to read a little part of it.


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