31 Days of surrendering to God Surrender Invite (Five Minute Friday)

I love invitations. I save them. Both the really pretty formally printed ones and the ones on notebook paper, or even the ones by email. I love being invited. Even though, I can get in a bad habbit of sleeping late. I then hear that my kids are awake and I just jump into my daily rountine without inviting God to be a part of my day. Several hours later, I am then wondering why I am crabby and cranky and just don’t feel right. I need that time with God. I need to start the day out right, with a cup of coffee and Jesus. But I also don’t want it to end there either. I need to invite Him into the moments of my day, the happy, sad, mundane, challenging, or fun parts of my day. As the old hymn says I need him every hour. I need Love to take me over.  I need His help every moment. So, God what’d you want to do today?



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