Day 14 31 days of surrendering my efforts to God (try)

I realize that I am sometimes very much like a toddler. I want to do things for myself all by myself. I say, “I got this.” Instead of saying, “I need help.” I do this only to find that the mess is bigger, and I am more frustrated and sad than I was in the beginning.  Why do I not want to admit to God that I am needy? Why do I wait so long to cry out to him? Why do I think that I have things cleaned up before I present my requests to God? Why do I try so hard? Instead of trying so hard, I need to lay myself at the feet of Jesus. Confess my sins, weaknesses and failure and profess my need for Him. I do not want prayer to be my last resort, but my lifeline. I do not want to try everything I can think of, before praying about a situation. I want to pray and ask God for guidance and wisdom in the various circumstances in my life. I want to acknowledge God in my daily life, and not just try to push through my day on my own strength.


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