Day 25 Because He lives

I think it is really important to know your why- the reason that you get up each morning and live life the way that you do. A few months back my Pastor encouraged the church to write 100 word stories. Stories of what God has done for each one of us since we each individually decided to follow Jesus. I was telling friends yesterday, that I think I need to read mine every day. It reminds me of who I am in Christ, and why I do the things that I do. It reminds me of my “why” or my because. If I do not remind myself of whose I am, I am more likely to chase after things that are not God’s best for me. I get distracted by things that I should not be focusing on. I need to focus on the eternal- loving God, and loving others. So often, I lose sight of that. I need  to keep my fixed on Jesus.

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