31 days of scripture and song (2016)

I am inspired by songs that reference scripture. The best way that I have found to be reminded of scripture on long days, is to be able sing a song that incorporates truth from scripture. Over the next 31 days using the 31 days of five minute free write prompts over at http://creativeandfree.com, I will take a journey through some of my favorite worship music and the scriptures that these songs are  based on. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Day 1  You Will Never Walk Alone

Day 2 My redeemer

Day 3  How You Live

Day 4 Be One

Day 5 Breathe

Day 6 Courageous

Day 7 Good Fight

Day 8 Lead Me

Day 9 Move

Day 10 The Great Adventure

Day 11 Thank You

Day 12 Touch the Sky

Day 13 Do Everything

Day 14 The Words I Would Say

Day 15  Dare You to Move

Day 16 Slow Down

Day 17 Brother

Day 18 With Every Act of Love

Day 19 Should Have Been Me

Day 20 Find Rest

Day 21 First

Day 22 Day 1

Day 23 Our God

Day 24 Already There

Day 25 Yours

Day 26 Battles

Day 27 Love Song for a Savior

Day 28 I Shall Not Want

Day 29 Blink

Day 30 Where The Light Is

Day 31 Jesus Only Jesus